“Exceptional wines are made from exceptional fruit with exceptional care.”

- Patrick Saboe

Our wines reflect its basis in the intricacies both the land's identity and the winemakers approach define.
The Difference between decent and excellent is a significant fraction, yet it matters greatly.

Team Yan

We felt compelled to produce something exquisite, something that would blossom alongside us as we embarked on our own unchartered path. What was once only a fantastical dream is now our way of life. Our relationships as families and as friends flourished as we poured our enthusiasm each weekend in hand-selecting the finest grapes and seeing them thrive and mature. Together, we crafted a wine that is sumptuous and delectable no matter the occasion. It can be savored right now, by our children in 2 decades, and for a very long time after that.

Yan Cellars is a project that reflects Eugene's ardent love for his family, dedication to hard work, and desire to participate in purposeful activity.

Eugene Bayani


Patrick is a special breed of winemaker. Exceptionally gifted, meticulous, and dedicated to taking Yan Cellars to the next level.

Patrick Saboe



The fruit serves as the focal point of each vintage. Quality always comes first when working with grapes from highly-sought-after vineyards in Spring Mountain and Rutherford. We have crafted wines that genuinely exemplifies the best of Napa Valley through specially selected grapes and winemaking methodology that really allows the fruit shape the palate.